Diablo 2 Mods

Diablo 2 Mods add to ensuring the great replayability of this old classic. Here are some basics.
A 'mod' is a modification of the original game. It's possible to alter many of the settings, such as those controlling the items, maps and the stats. Many things can be done and since there's a lot of flexibility, some mods turn out to be quite good. Many people spend countless hours polishing their mods and some players actually prefer playing mods over the original game. I think most people enjoy the 'best of both worlds' though - they play mods when they feel like it but never quite stop playing the 'vanilla' game.

I've been trying many different mods but the one place where I really enjoy playing is Temple of Zakarum. They're hosting many great mods and among them is the famous Apocalypse Mod. They're also hosting the Pandemonium Realm, and their latest projects are Sebzy Realm and Adept Realm. In order to play on their realms, all players must be manually approved by administrators. Here are a couple of videos (try high res):